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Number 24 on the "periodic table" of elements

Tests the presence of ions of Chromium to a high degree of accuracy to detect contamination in the body and on a wide range of materials in your environment

ChromiumIII occurs naturally in the environment and is an essential nutrient. Chromium(VI) and chromium(0) are generally produced by industrial processes. Chromium enters the air, water, and soil mostly in the chromium(III) and chromium(VI) forms. In air, chromium compounds are present mostly as fine dust particles which eventually settle over land and water. Chromium can strongly attach to soil and only a small amount can dissolve in water and move deeper in the soil to underground water. Fish do not accumulate much chromium in their bodies from water.

Exposure to chromium can happen in several ways:
  • Eating food containing chromium(III);
  • Breathing contaminated workplace air or skin contact during use in the workplace;
  • Drinking contaminated well water;
  • Living near uncontrolled hazardous waste sites containing chromium or industries that use chromium;

Check out chromium levels in your body with our easy to use, home-based, HMT Chromium Test kit

Sample of a HMT Chromium Test kit

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